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Monday, 17 December 2007

Time to head home

I'm heading home for tomorrow for 4 weeks... its going to be a shock to the system. Apparently its around 3 degrees C in London at the moment - compared to here where its mid 20s/low 30s with as much sunlight as you could ask for. At least it will feel festive!

Ending the training period here on a high - had an awesome day out yesterday - usually a rest day, monday was actually a big day's training this week as the fligths on wednesday and thursday mess up the schedule, and so I am trying to salvage as decent a week as possible around two days in a plane and imminent jet lag when I get home. Strangely, am looking forward to a few long runs in the cold...

The new place on Shannon Avenue has been hilarious -living with a bunch of triathlon and surfing nuts is great fun! Must leave my wife-beater and filthy language in Oz though (but the tan is coming with me)...

See you in the UK


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