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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Cesenatico 2

Got back from Italy on tuesday... the last couple of days had been a bit rainy, so it wasn't too hard to leave. The second week was great fun, and I even got quite a bit of work done - a good test of whether the training-work balance will work out long term.

The good news is that I have a new hobby for the next few weeks- aquajogging. The bad news, then, is that I was a bit hasty in saying my shins were recovered. After the first week, they didn't bear up too well so I'm off running again and going to see the physio/podiatrist etc - whatever it takes. What this means for the season is that I won't be racing IM CdA, which is a big shame. I'll still go over tho, so I might well do a race prep brick there. Good practice. Hoping that I'll be all sorted and back on track for IMUK in September, tho it seems my race season is slipping and slipping. At least my ride and swim will get some quality time :)

All in all, the camp was a great fortnight, with some amazing people on it. Was also great to catch up with the legend that is my coach, Steve, swim coach Dan ( and even Kev was there ( Good luck to everyone else for the race season ahead - especially for the Ironman first timers!

Photos of aquajogging thanks to Julian.

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rr said...

Hiya Toby - Sorry you had to swim/bike/stop at CdA, I did it a few weeks ago at Hawaii 70.3 due to an injury and thought I would hop on to your site to see if we were facing the same thing. Glad to hear you're on the mend.. and that you got to meet some of our fun teammates this weekend!