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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Base training

So prep phase finished and I'm getting onto some real training at last. This wasn't the original plan, but the tough winter in the UK and work seem to have kept my training volume lower than I had anticipated through February.

Fortunately, I'm off to Lanza again on Friday. Hooray! Plus Jerzy - - another Timex pro will be out there at the same time so that'll be good. Also the first week is the Serpie tri camp too. Lots of familiar faces riding round the island :)

Last month also saw a trip to New York for the Timex Multisport Camp at the NY Giants facility (the Timex Performance Centre) which was AWESOME. Great time had. Amazing group of people. Learnt lots, good to have some team environment time too. Ironman training can be a little solitary a lot of the time.

Spent an afternoon at Runners Need last week in Victoria with the TIMEX UK team. Nice to see those guys. Got a VO2 max test done while I was there too - see photo - and the score wasn't too bad for the second day of base.

That's enough of a brief catch up. Will try to blog more often from now on! Photos from the sun up next.... roll on friday!

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