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Thursday, 29 March 2007

2 days to go...

Good morning!!! Its Friday morning, and taper week's gone to plan... only a 15 in run and 20mins on the bike tomorrow and its all done. Just a couple of errands to do today, but mainly I will be relaxing and putting my feet up. Looking forward to racing on sunday: I'll finally get some feedback on how the training's been going. Whether its good or bad though, I think I might try to get a coach when I get back to the UK. Don't get me wrong: I think I've done a good job of training for the goals I set: get a few months of solid, fairly high vol base in. Its the specifics that I kind of get lost on - noticed it especially in race prep... how much more intensity? what does intensity mean when talking about IM? But also in normal training, lots of questions. Epic was good for answering some of them, but I also learnt about a lot of other stuff - some of which I was already doing by accident, some which I'm not sure I'd ever do. I suppose it comes down to the fact that the last few years I've been training to train, and its only really been this year where I've got to grips with doing sessions I want to do properly, complete them and get through the rest of the week too! I used to find that my eyes were bigger than my stomach when it came to a lot of the training I was trying to do, so I'd end up with lots of 'recovery sessions'. So I guess now I want to switch to training to race - to be a bit more specific, make sure I'm training right all the time rather than just happy logging the miles cos it all goes in for base-building.

But pre-race, all's good. No injuries, feeling OK. Bit 'puffy' as AC was describing it yesterday - carrying a few extra kgs above race weight, but on the upside, apparently it helps you recover quicker ;) Port Mac is looking like an ad for lycra at the moment with far too many fit people trawling around on bikes and out running. Am going to make a concerted effort to avoid most of them today!!

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