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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

4 days to go

Finally its almost here! :) Managed to cut down to about 18 hours training last week, so that's good tapering for me... only aiming for about 9 or 10 hours this week ahead of race day, so really easing up.

Bob has solved my race wheel situation - his buddy is one of the race directors who is lending me his Zipp 404's. Awesome - means that I won't have to punish myself on the rolling terrain with a disc come race day... not sure whether or not to use the Hed tri spoke the AC's hopefully bringing down on the front tho... ahhh decsions, desions!

Apart from that, think I am all set for race day. Just need to get a few more gels and do the registration etc, but all ready. I'm moving out of my flat tomorrow :( as the place was fully booked lng ahead of the race, but moving slightly more centrally so that's good for race moring. Have LOTS of work to keep me busy in the meantime... that's good as it'll keep me occupied and out of the way - with lots of keyed-up athletes arriving, the town is starting to get crowded!

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