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Friday, 6 April 2007

Back in NZ

Before I forget - here's a photo from IMOz... thanks Chuls!

I'm back in New Zealand after a couple of long days travelling. Staying with my mum for a couple of weeks in Napier. Its noticably colder here!!! Got a bit of a shock coming from high 20's/30 degrees to juat 16 degrees on thursday evening when we got to Napier.

I'll try to borrow a digital camera for some photos of the town... its art deco capital of NZ (and maybe even the southern hemisphere) and gets the great hawkes bay temperate climate, so hoping for not too much rain over the next few weeks though it is automn here now.

Back feeling much better for lack of volume cycling; will be going to see a chiro or osteopath early next week once easter weekend is over and things start opening up again.

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