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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Less than a week to go...

... til I get on a plane back to the UK.

Aiming to finish off nearly 3 weeks of decent training here, before the long flight back, then an easier week to make sure I'm over any jet lag and ready for 2 weeks training camp in Italy :) I've some mixed feelings about getting back to the UK: great to see everyone back home, good to get to somewhere warm again (its got a little chilly here in NZ as Autumn sets in...), but I'm loathe to get back to the suburban sprawl, mass population and traffic! Guess that's why I opted for the training camp straight away: fits in with the summer schedule, but also cushions the return! Upside is I'll be at my bro's place in Carshalton, so its close to the edge of town - no 45 min ride out of London before you hit the countryside and he's a complete training nut too, so it should be a good environment to be based in.

Last two weeks training all good, I'm liking the structure of it. Have been surprised at the quality of the run sessions so far.

No photos of Abi, Dermot and Daniel unfortunately (I forgot!), but I'll get some of Napier before I leave!

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Josh said...

Enjoy Italy mate, been great meeting you and hope to catch up with you in Europe some time in the near future... (may even be able to keep up with you on the bike...or run...maybe.)