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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

New Regime

I've decided to commit to a new training regime. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it, as I typically train as and when I think it feels right, within a broad progressive strucutre, but that means that I often miss sessions, change sessions half way through, move rest days etc. So I thought it would be a good experiment to try to be a bit more rigid on my training structure for a while... especially if I'm going to get a coach maybe later in the year... no point in doing that if I can't commit to executing a training plan. I'm still going to be flexible, but the overall structure is set out below. This is fundamentally a week that Brandon passed onto me, which he did for the period May-Sep last year I think, just as a basic week. The ranges etc allow for easier weeks every3-4, and for progression over time. The big shock for me isn't the volume, as I've consistently done this kind of mileage before, but its having a complete rest day (!) and a recovery day in there too. This means that there's a couple of monster days in there. Nice!

So, typically:

Yoga; massage

Morning Run Easy (6-10km; 30-50min);
Swim 4km (squad if poss);
Ride aerobic 2-3 hrs (60-90km)

Run aerobic 17-21km; (with 2x8km steady)
Ride easy 1-2hrs (35-55km);
Swim 4km bilateral (200,400,600,800,800,600,400,200)

Hill ride (4-5 hours) (100-135km);
Swim 4km; (squad if poss)
Easy run (6-10km, 30-50mins)

Swim 3km;
Easy Run 40 min (8-9km);

5km swim long course;
Ride (5-8) hrs
10km run off bike

Run 30-34km 2:20-2:40

SWIM 20km
BIKE 345-520km
RUN 81-94km

So that's all good. It wednesday, so its all hunkydory so far ;) We'll see how its going by sunday!
Given that I've got 13 weeks til Austria, I'll try to maintain this for 8 weeks or so before it'll have to start to change for peak and then taper. We'll see how it holds up on the training camp in Italy too... not sure if a (non-Epic) training camp will have more or less vol than this!!!

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