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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Training in NZ

The first week of the new schedule went off with no probs... had to shift some stuff around to avoid a day when it sheeted it down on the thursday, so I postponed the hilly ride (I know, I've become a fair weather cyclist!!!), but the week was completed fine. Hit 93km running, which is good volume for me - I had been hitting higher average bike vols than this week (got 378km this week, had been averaging 400-500 in the period Nov-Jan) but at the expense of running mileage. Nice to have it laid out for a change... means that the sessions have a bit more purpose! The km markings on the Napier beachfront path have been a revalation too... no more guessing at run pace!

Have already started to mess with the schedule in week 2 ... moving stuff around so I can have a light weekend as I'm off to see Abi and Dermot and their new baby! :) Its a 5 hr coach trip north... I have cycled it in the past, with a day to get to Taupo, then another to Tauranga... nice ride, but its a pain with a bag for the weekend!

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